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The ancient Chinese used cannabis in funeral rituals

Scientists have proved that the ancient highlanders used psychoactive substances during the funeral rituals. In Eurasia, as scientists believe, the Smoking of pipes came after the discovery of the New world, but the practice of burning certain substances and inhaling the resulting smoke existed since ancient times. An international group …

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Paleontologists have unearthed the teeth of ancient monsters

Scientists hope that they will be able to find the entire bone.Scientists found the teeth of the ancient dinosaurs. Paleontologists believe that in Yakutia in ancient times was inhabited by giant lizards. Specialists who conduct excavations in Suntarsky district, during the examination of the teeth suggested that it is an …

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Disclosed the reason of ancient massacres in Poland

The bones belonged to members of a few families. Archaeologists analyzed the DNA extracted from the remains of ancient people, buried about five thousand years ago in the area near the Polish village of Kosice. It turned out, the skeletons belonged to members of families, including women and children, who …

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In the bag of the ancient shaman archaeologists have found drugs

In the bag were some potent drugs. Almost every traditional culture on Earth has used a particular method of achieving intoxication and “altered States of consciousness” – whether alcoholic beverages, Smoking tobacco or ingestion of the hallucinogenic cacti. Many Nations used them in shamanic practices and religious ceremonies, healing. An …

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