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The history of pole dancing: from Ancient Greece to the official sport

История танцев у шеста: от Древней Греции до официального спорта

Ask 100 people what they think of pole dancing, and 95 will answer that for them is vulgarity. They can understand, because the consciousness of most dance at the pylon means to sell your body. Some truth in this.

Yes, before the strip is meant to show its merits drunken crowd of clubbers – the audience and the performer were worthy of each other. It is really reprehensible in a civilized society.

On the other hand, modern polders turned into a sport discipline, he forbids nudity and frankness, and the interventions reduced to performing stunts, artistry, flexibility and plasticity.

As the life of the strip is just a tool, and a lot depends on how to use it – to the delight of audiences with drunken eyes, for a loved one in an intimate setting or as fitness.

In ancient times

Like many others, the strip originated in ancient times in Egypt and Greece. In the land of the pharaohs they were engaged in a separate caste women, which in parallel conducted scientific experiments, and worshipped some idol. In Greece, as expected, the dance was considered in the context of art, but a public demonstration outside the marital bedroom, has been condemned.

In the end of XIX century

Until the late 1800s, the strip was strictly taboo. In the Middle ages, it was possible to get to the fire, and in the Renaissance, and Queen Victoria – in the chain of stigma and shame.

Everything has changed after the speech of the Parisian salon in the notorious Moulin Rouge, which was famous for its burlesque. Not without fines and arrests, and a new passion quickly changed residence, moving to USA.

So far, the Striptease in the United States is considered to be almost a national pastime, and clubs, where the silicone diva Stripping for truckers and unfaithful husbands, even in run-down towns.

Our days

For several years, as poldens was recognized as an official sport discipline with its competition, the judging, the points system and Champions. Of course, it all takes place in puritanical format, and speech require the same, and maybe more preparation and training than the rooms of rhythmic gymnastics.

The traditional format of the strip, in turn, is gradually disappearing. Clubs, where before you could see the dancers, lovers, changing their specialization on karaoke, Banquet halls, or just the night with disco.

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