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Called surprising facts about chocolate that you didn’t even know existed

Названы неожиданные факты о шоколаде, о которых вы даже не подозревалиThe truth about chocolate, the favorite of foodies and fans of good nutrition.

Autumn melancholy comes on all fronts, and that means it’s time to turn to the means-tested, which helps with stress coping and mood will improve, and in the right doses to boost immunity.

Fact # 1

Chocolate protects heart and blood vessels, so it in no event it is impossible to eliminate from the diet those who have a high risk of a heart attack. Consumption of quality dark chocolate normalizes the platelet, which prevents the formation of dangerous blood clots.

Fact # 2

Chocolate is rich in calcium and phosphorus, so it is imperative there are people who work with large volumes of information and are engaged in mental activity. After all, the brain needs proper nutrition in order to cope with different tasks.

Fact # 3

High content of magnesium in chocolate makes it indispensable for those who suffer from regular stress and want to calm your nerves. Enough to get have a few pieces of dark chocolate a day, and the anxiety will be over.

Fact # 4

Chocolate comes to the rescue and sore throat. Doctors recommend instead of the usual candy, dissolve the chocolate in small pieces. Approximate dosage sweet medicine will be pellicci, so it is better to choose dark chocolate, so it will be less likely to harm the figure.

Fact # 5

Beauties who want to prolong youth, also pay attention to dark chocolate. This miracle product is rich in natural antioxidants, the main helpers in the fight against free radicals which accelerates the aging process of the cells in the body.

Fact # 6

Chocolate has aphrodisiac properties with a balanced mix of active chemicals theobromine and phenethylamine. What is not another reason for women to increase the dose of chocolate in the diet.

Fact # 7

Chocolate improves mood, is a proven and scholars, and anyone with a sweet tooth. When consuming Goodies hard body begins to produce serotonin and endorphins, also known as hormones of happiness. It is these substances that relieve stress and return us to joy.

Fact # 8

In the season of colds consumption of dark chocolate enhances immunity. Is it possible the whole family with honey and lemon. Then ODS and flu will surely overtake you and your loved ones side.

Fact # 9

Due to the low content of caffeine, chocolate is permissible to treat hypertension. From small doses of pressure can not be increased, but in small portions it will be very useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system.

Fact # 10

Chocolate and red wine have a similar mechanism of influence on the oxidation process of cholesterol in the blood. Chocolate is rich in stearic acid, which “cleans” the blood vessels.

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