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In Russia, pensioner brutally stabbed his young wife

In Russia the jealous pensioner committed a brutal murder. In Rubtsovsk, the Altai territory of the Russian Federation 70-year-old local resident killed 30-year-old wife, by cutting her throat. After the murder of a pensioner wearing a dead wedding dress and laid in bed. After killing the jealous man killed himself …

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In Russia, the illegal immigrant was stabbed schoolboy

Men met the teen at the entrance of the house.In the Vladimir region of the Russian Federation illegal immigrant was stabbed 14-year-old schoolboy. On Thursday, March 28, reported on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. According to the report, the man without …

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In Exactly a mother stabbed her own daughter. Video

Girl Diana was only one month. The woman killed her daughter March 17 at Exactly. 21-year-old would-be mother struck the child a blow with a knife in the neck, causing the baby died. As reported in the Department of communication of the police of Rivne region, about the terrible incident, …

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In Nikolaev stabbed the guy, intercede for sleeping

Sleeping wanted to Rob.PM, August 13, in Nikolaev there was a bloody incident in which the dangerous stab wound received by one person. Drama on crossing of streets of Volodarsky and the 9th Military. In street cafes, near a grocery store, rested the company of young people. At some point …

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In Kiev the guy was stabbed and robbed

Guy stabbed for a hundred hryvnia. Wednesday, July 25, in Kiev at the address Pobedy Avenue, 93A, passers-by found the boy covered in blood. He was robbed and cut with a knife. The attack occurred at about 01:40. According to preliminary information, the guy in the back was attacked by …

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In Russia in broad daylight stabbed a couple in love

Police are now looking for a killer, cause of the incident and the identity of the dead set. Brutal murder has occurred today in the town of Artyom in Primorsky Krai. Man assaulted walking young couple. The criminal wounded the young man and the girl with a knife, the result …

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