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This tea can quickly reduce blood pressure

The consumption of this tea reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Sweet-sour taste of the tea beverage is bright-red color is familiar to all. This is karkade, or hibiscus tea, which is one of the most useful drinks. Regulates blood pressure Drinking hibiscus tea lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure. …

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How quickly to raise blood pressure: proven ways

These methods will be useful to those who does not help coffee. Blood pressure can fall at any moment and the reasons for this is more than enough. Usually, hypotonia suffer with severe blood loss, after surgery, due to emotional strain, anxiety and stress. Also, the cause of low pressure …

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Experts told how to lose weight quickly and safely

It turns out that there are methods by which you can effectively lose weight and stay healthy. People are trying to lose weight to be healthy, but they often choose methods that only contribute to the development of gastrointestinal disease and other health problems. This is especially true of those …

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How to deal with bloating without quickly and without drugs

In folk medicine, there are methods in the shortest possible time to get rid of such problems as bloating. Bloating is usually accompanied by increased flatulence, which gives a person discomfort. Causes of flatulence may be weight: goiter, peptic ulcer disease, nervous stress, swallowing of air while eating (aerophagia), eating …

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In Germany quickly evacuated the Christmas market

In the German Potsdam on Friday afternoon evacuated the visitors and vendors of the Christmas market because of a bomb threat.“Currently we are in the centre of Potsdam due to reports of a suspicious object. The place is already fenced. We called special forces. In the area of operation was …

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