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This tea can quickly reduce blood pressure

Этот чай может быстро снизить артериальное давлениеThe consumption of this tea reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Sweet-sour taste of the tea beverage is bright-red color is familiar to all. This is karkade, or hibiscus tea, which is one of the most useful drinks.

Regulates blood pressure

Drinking hibiscus tea lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It is scientifically proven that this beverage reduces systolic blood pressure, on average, 7, 58 mm of mercury column, diastolic by 3.53.

Protects from bacterial infections

Hibiscus tea is a drink which contains a record amount of antioxidants. Are substances that protect the body from harmful bacteria that cause human disease.

Will help in losing weight

Studies have shown that daily consumption of this tea (along with a moderate diet) speeds up the process of weight loss significantly. Of course, if you drink it without adding sugar.

Will protect from cancer

In the composition of hibiscus tea contain polyphenols – substances that have powerful anti-cancer properties.

For stomach

Tea made from the petals of hibiscus is very good for the gastrointestinal tract and liver, promotes better development of bile and has anti-bacterial action.

Hibiscus tea is not recommended for people who have gastritis with high acidity and stomach ulcers, as hibiscus tends to increase the acidity.

Despite the many medicinal properties, hibiscus is not a panacea, so it should be consumed in moderation.

The pronounced acidity, which makes the drink taste is unforgettable, and is the source of a number of contraindications to the use. Acid, which is in the tea that can damage tooth enamel. Therefore, doctors do not recommend drinking more than three cups of hibiscus tea a day.

Of course, the hibiscus is recommended for those who have problems with a reduction in the frequency of the heart. But it is worth remembering that the drink thins the blood and increases strain on the heart.

Hibiscus tea also lowers blood pressure. Therefore, it is not necessary to drink, if the heart is working faster than usual.

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