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QAnon acolyte calls movement a ‘Deep State operation’

“I know that I agree with the principles of Q in its fight against child sex trafficking, pedophilia, and satanic rituals,” Wood said earlier this week in a Telegram post. “I think I can fairly be described as an Anon. I believe that QAnon is likely a Deep State operation constructed …

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‘QAnon Shaman’ should get jail time to set example – prosecutors

Clad in fur, facepaint, and Viking-style horns, Chansley is instantly recognizable from photos and videos of the pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill in January. After languishing in solitary confinement for seven months, Chansley pleaded guilty in September to obstructing the certification of President Joe Biden’s electoral victory, a federal offense. …

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Facebook leaks: Network knew it radicalized users, was too slow to root out QAnon and anti-vaxxers, critics say

The Silicon Valley giant doesn’t do enough to protect society from various ills, its critics, including some employees, believe. Meanwhile, Facebook is working on new ways to curb the growth of certain groups through manipulation rather than blanket bans. ‘Carol Smith’, a self-identified politically conservative mother from Wilmington, North Carolina …

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Jesus joins QAnon?! ‘Passion of the Christ’ star stirs controversy as he cryptically dives into ‘adrenochroming of children’

At a ‘Health and Freedom Conference,’ featuring prominent supporters of former US President Donald Trump like MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, Caviezel made reference to “adrenochrome” when speaking about the real-life version of a character he plays in the upcoming film, ‘Sound of Freedom.’ In the movie, Caviezel portrays Tim Ballard, …

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