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The Egyptian army went into Libya

There were messages and images transport tanks, armored combat vehicles and helicopters to the border with Libya. Some sources say that Egyptian troops have crossed the border into Libya, but this is reliable evidence not. Moreover, the technique in Libya Egypt had previously put through the Western border, and not …

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In the Egyptian capital was rocked by a massive explosion

Possible detonation of the fuel tanks. About Cairo international airport there was an explosion. Cairo residents heard an explosion near the airport, according to a source in the security service, the explosion occurred in the construction of used fuel storage. One of the sources told the Agency that the flights …

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Shocking facts about the Egyptian pyramids. Photo

Many of them you could not even guess. Most people just know the Egyptian pyramids are big, impressive structures built very long time ago in ancient Egypt. Also widely known is the fact that the pyramids served as monumental tombs in which were buried the pharaohs – rulers of ancient …

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An Egyptian court sentenced former militants to death

The former fighters have lost their lives at the request of the court. In Egypt, the court decided to sentence to death 13 members of the disbanded gang of militants. The leader of this group was killed by security forces of the country in 2015. Many other members while detained. …

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ISIS militants attacked an Egyptian police convoy: 18 dead

Militants detonated an improvised explosive device and destroyed three armored vehicles. Monday, September 11, the armed Islamic state militants attacked an Egyptian police convoy in the Sinai Peninsula, killing 18 police officers, reported Reuters citing sources in the security forces and medics. The attack occurred near the town of El-Arish, …

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