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Scientists are amazed by the DNA of Egyptian mummies

A large amount of time among the scientists believed that the ancient mummies contain an insufficient amount of genetic material to conduct DNA examination. German scientists from the max Planck Institute and the University of tübingen managed to partially reconstruct the genome of 90 Egyptian mummies, age from 3500 to …

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Sensational discovery in the Egyptian pyramid

Inside the Egyptian pyramids you found the capsule with the alien. Majestic and mysterious Egyptian pyramids has always attracted attention with its secrets, scientists. In one of them, the pyramid at Giza, in 1988, French Egyptologist, was discovered a secret room in which there was a capsule with a alien. …

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Egyptian archaeologists made an interesting discovery

In Egypt, archeologists found on the West Bank of the Nile ancient garden.Sixteen years in the Egyptian archaeologists carrying out excavations in the city of the dead DRA Abu El-Naga, to dig up ancient burial garden. Scientists discovered a small area, carved into the rock were used as gardens that …

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Egyptian authorities plan to make Facebook pay

In Egypt I suggest to monetize the use of Facebook to combat extremism. Egyptian Parliament intends to consider a bill to establish a monthly “subscription fee” in the amount of 5 Egyptian pounds (0,25 USD). the use of social network Facebook. According to the report, this legislative initiative was made …

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Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a sensational find

In Egypt, discovered an ancient tomb age almost 4 thousand years.Almost not plundered by lovers of ancient treasures tomb age nearly four thousand years were found by archaeologists on the territory of Upper Egypt, near Aswan. About the discovery hastened to tell the head of Department of the Ministry of …

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