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Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a mysterious burial

Египетские археологи обнаружили таинственное захоронениеIn Egypt found a possible tomb of the wife of Tutankhamun.

In the Egyptian Valley of the Kings scientists with high probability, discovered the burial Ankhesenamun – wife of the famous ruler of Ancient Egypt’s Tutankhamen.

The finding reported archaeologist and the former Egyptian Minister of antiquities Zahi Hawass.

Team Hawass plans to dig up the grave to determine exactly who is inside.

“We are confident that there is a tomb, but we don’t know who it belongs to. The ancient Egyptians usually did four or five deposits of the Foundation when they began the construction of the tomb. The radar detected substructure, which could be the entrance to the tomb,” – said the scientist.

Recall that Tutankhamun became king of Egypt at the age of ten years, about 1332 BC and rules only nine years old until his death. In the same year he became Pharaoh and married his stepsister.

Valley of the kings in upper Egypt is one of the main tourist attractions of the country, being next to the pyramid complex of Giza. Most of the pharaohs 18-20 dynasties, who ruled from at 1550 1069 BC, were buried in tombs that were embedded in the rock.

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