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On Mars “detected” object, similar to Egyptian pyramid

На Марсе "засекли" объект, похожий на египетскую пирамидуUfologists found on the moon an ancient pyramid, which, according to them, built by aliens.

The video, which captured the facility, and it is like a pyramid, UFO posted on Youtube. They argue that this structure is very similar to the Egyptian pyramids.

The authors of the video are sure that there is an object not under the influence of natural processes on the surface of the moon. They claim that the detected object is of the correct form, and it indicates that it was erected some creatures. Ufologists say that from the pyramid falls a long shadow and that means she has a significant height.

According to ufologists, the pyramid could build ancient aliens who visited the moon. They won’t even rule out that once on the moon there was a constant base of aliens. But it could be destroyed, for example, fall on the moon meteor or other global disaster. The aliens living there were killed or had to leave the moon and never went back.

A user with the nickname Strretcap1 believes that found on the moon pyramid could be used by aliens as a refuge.

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