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The Egyptian army went into Libya

There were messages and images transport tanks, armored combat vehicles and helicopters to the border with Libya. Some sources say that Egyptian troops have crossed the border into Libya, but this is reliable evidence not. Moreover, the technique in Libya Egypt had previously put through the Western border, and not only in UAE or Jordan.

Египетская армия вошла в Ливию


Reasons for potential entry or the threat of invasion are obvious – the consequences of the defeat of the Haftarot and adventures UAE and Egypt pushed for a more decisive measures in support of the Haftarot, as his complete military collapse will lead to a sharp increase of Turkey’s influence in North Africa right at the borders with Egypt.

Ironically, if Egypt more actively supported the Haftarot in 2019, the year and recognized it as the only legitimate ruler of Libya, it would’ve been over. But like the other sponsors of the Haftarot, Egypt believed that the Haftarot, is enough for the capture of Tripoli and the establishment there of a military regime that will end the rampant Islamists at the borders of Egypt.

Where will be the deployment of the Egyptian army is not yet clear. Perhaps all will remain at the level of a direct threat to Erdogan to push for concessions. On the other hand, Egypt has opportunities through the massive use of aviation from its Western air bases to eliminate any encroachments in the promotion of Erdogan and Zarraga to the East, and also hit the airfields and ports of Tripolitania, where Turkey is to reply, will have to increase its forces in Tripoli and Misrata. Some drones in this case is not enough.

The Egyptian Parliament has officially announced that perceives the illegal Turkish military presence in Libya as a threat to national security.and Egypt will act as the Egyptian army is generally one of the strongest on the continent.

Egypt will not allow Libya was controlled by the terrorists and Turkish mercenaries. These threats have been voiced, and the speaker of the Egyptian Parliament, which of course coordinated with the military leadership of the country.

In fact, Egypt puts forward an ultimatum, if tomorrow to 16-00 Erdogan and Sarraj will not agree to a truce, and Cairo Declaration (today it is supported, and Germany), the events will develop in the direction of further internationalization of the conflict and the increasing technologization of war.

Russia “welcomes Egypt’s efforts to achieve peace in Libya.” Apparently on these efforts in Moscow will try to explain Saraju, denoting unpleasant alternatives.

If the “friend Barack” will persist, the scale of the conflict grows in the coming weeks.
Египетская армия вошла в Ливию

Flying helicopters, Hello Haftarot.

Abrams in Libya was not. Theoretically can converge in battle with the American M-60, which are adopted in Turkey and which have already appeared in Libya.

Египетская армия вошла в Ливию

In recent years, Egypt strengthened its army. The country has improved relations with America and Russia, having bought their weapons and equipment. Egypt also bought “Mistral”, which are very modern ships.

In addition, the Navy of Egypt includes 60 warships, including submarines. The Navy is about 40 thousand people.

The service in the Egyptian air force consists of 35 thousand people, there are 552 modern military aircraft and 121 combat helicopters, as well as drones. There are missile systems and defense systems.

Египетская армия вошла в Ливию

The army of Egypt is 320 thousand and 400 thousand military reservists. Ground troops have more than 4 thousand tanks, and MLRS.

Egypt has a powerful military potential and strong army. The Egyptian air force are considered to be very steep compared to many powerful countries of the world. Throughout the country many military bases. The Egyptian army can safely be considered one of the strongest in the region.

However, the Turkish army is also to be commended – it is one of the most powerful in the middle East. In the Turkish army of 350 thousand officers and soldiers, 1700 tanks (most of which are outdated), 400 combat aircraft and 100 helicopters, drones. However, Ankara has a serious problem – the lack of qualified military pilots. But the Turkish Navy – the most powerful in the region. Turkey 194 warships and 8 submarines.

If the conflict between Turkey and Egypt escalate, the fighting unfold in Libya. Here in Egypt the advantage it borders with this country, so will be able to quickly send a huge attack force.

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