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Civilization with all the inconveniences

Than took during a pandemic the President, when not making another pointless bunker-speech? Important and urgent challenges: preparing your oboler “in time of plague”, is holding a meeting on genetic technologies, “obcessive” with Sechin another aid for Rosneft. And Putin’s propagandists at this time continued again as if nothing had …

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Mystery of the origin of civilization on the Nazca lines

The last lived on a plateau, famous for its geoglyphs. In Peru, archaeologists have studied the ancient pottery found during the excavations in the archaeological complex of Wari in Ayacucho, and found that the first on the territory of that state, the Empire arose through the influence of the civilization …

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Fragments of Soviet civilization

Flea markets are everywhere. People love to delve into the different small knick-knacks left over from bygone eras. As a rule, the counters of such markets or shops littered with unnecessary but extremely cute eclectic. All very lush, long want to look at. The flea market you can go for …

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Full Civilization VI was released on the iPad

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is available on iPad Air 2, iPad 2017 and any iPad Pro. A little more than a year ago Civilization VI descended on the PC. Now came the turn of mobile devices — continue to lead your civilization to world domination is possible on the iPad! …

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The cause of extinction of human civilization

Voiced concerns of researchers. Scientists from the UK has estimated that the volcanic Apocalypse scenario much more likely than previously thought. Eruption that could wipe out a civilization in Earth’s history happened very rarely, but new research suggests that they may be more common than previously thought, writes the Independent. …

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Scientists have uncovered the mystery of Indian civilization

Scientists were particularly interested in the question of how Indians coped with a severe droughtRecent studies have allowed archaeologists to uncover the mystery of the extraordinary productivity that is evident even during periods of drought, which has reached the Indian civilization. Scientists have proved that the Indians were engaged in …

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