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The cause of extinction of human civilization

Названа причина исчезновения человеческой цивилизацииVoiced concerns of researchers.

Scientists from the UK has estimated that the volcanic Apocalypse scenario much more likely than previously thought.

Eruption that could wipe out a civilization in Earth’s history happened very rarely, but new research suggests that they may be more common than previously thought, writes the Independent.

Previous data scientists testified that the super eruption to happen every 45,000-714,000 years that “more than is necessary for our civilization.” The fact is that according to one version, the beginning of civilization is the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture, around 12 thousand years ago.

A new study by Professor Jonathan rougier and his colleagues from the University of Bristol offers a new assessment. According to them, the super eruption to happen in the interval from 5200 to 48,000 years, with the most probable interval of 17,000 years. Geological studies prove that the last super eruption happened on the planet around 20-30 thousand years ago.

“Overall, we were a bit lucky that since I do not have any superiority since then,” said Professor Rouge.

“The approach and evaluation are robust, and will certainly help us to understand and predict future eruptions. However, the nature, including the nature of volcanic eruptions, is not obliged to work like clockwork,” commented data geochemist mark Reichow from the University of Leicester, who was not involved in the study.

“We can definitely say that the volcanoes are more dangerous to our civilization than previously thought,” – said Professor Rouge.

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