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Unexplained mysteries of the Mayan civilization. Photo

Необъяснимые загадки цивилизации майя. ФотоTop nine secrets.

A vanished native American civilization left behind is still a lot of unsolved mysteries and secrets. To your attention a selection of the most inexplicable phenomena and artifacts created by Maya.

1. The drawings in the Peruvian desert

Необъяснимые загадки цивилизации майя. Фото

One of the puzzles of the Maya — the giant drawings in the Peruvian desert of Nazca. An area of 500 square kilometers covered with various figures, images of animals and plants. To view the picture only with a rather great height. What do they mean and why was made — still remains a mystery.

2. The rites of bloodletting

Необъяснимые загадки цивилизации майя. Фото

In the rites of the Maya human blood had an important ritual significance. Including one of the main rituals of bloodletting. It is produced by piercing of the tongue, lips, hands and was pulling through the lace hole through which blood flowed into the vessel. The process of phlebotomy has changed the functioning of the brain and contributed to the emergence of hallucinations, which the ancients took for vision.

3. The Mayan calendar based on the cycle of the movement of celestial bodies

Необъяснимые загадки цивилизации майя. Фото

The basis of the Mayan calendar are 20 numbers and 12 characters. The scoring system is fundamentally different from modern and is based on a cycle of celestial movements. he Also points to some possible directions of development of mankind. The calendar has already managed to predict some of the events of recorded history: world wars, major terrorist attacks.

4. Cenotes

Необъяснимые загадки цивилизации майя. Фото

Cenotes are natural sinkholes karst or limestone caves, in which the flow of groundwater. The largest cenotes located in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The failures used by ancient Indians as water sources and places of sacrifice. The Mayans called them “the gates to the realm of the dead”.

5. The temple of KUKULCAN in Mexico

Необъяснимые загадки цивилизации майя. Фото

On top of the pyramid is a small temple with four entrances. It was a place of sacrifice. There is a version that the Maya used the pyramid as a calendar. Each of the four staircases of the temple has 91 steps, which in total equals 364 + one basic platform — 365. In the days of spring and summer solstice on the steps of the pyramid one can observe an interesting phenomenon, which the Indians called “feathered serpent”. Light and shadow form on the ledges of seven triangles, and when the rays of the sun slide over the pyramid, the shadow is in motion and is reminiscent of a slithering snake’s tail.

6. Temple of the seven dolls

Необъяснимые загадки цивилизации майя. Фото

Temple of the seven dolls, so named in honor of found in its walls seven ornamental figures. Here Maya also arranged “light show” on the day of the vernal equinox the sun shines through two Windows in opposite walls of the temple. Why do it is a mystery.

7. Stone head of Guatemala

Необъяснимые загадки цивилизации майя. Фото

In the 30-ies of the 20th century in the jungles of Guatemala, scientists found a huge head of Sandstone. The facial features of the statues was not like the appearance of the ancient Maya or other peoples who lived in these areas. The researchers suggest that facial features of the statue portrayed a member of an ancient alien civilization. Unfortunately, we now study the finding is not possible, as the soldiers of the revolutionary army of Guatemala used the statue as a target and almost completely destroyed it.

8. Mysterious artifacts

Необъяснимые загадки цивилизации майя. Фото
Необъяснимые загадки цивилизации майя. Фото
Необъяснимые загадки цивилизации майя. Фото

In 2012, the Mexican government has shown a number of Maya artifacts they had been protecting the public for 80 years. The figures are unusual in that they depict the figures very much resemble spaceships. Although there is a version that is just a fake, created by local artisans on the eve of the end of the world, which was to occur on 20 December 2012.

9. Crystal skull

Необъяснимые загадки цивилизации майя. Фото

Crystal skull found in 1924 by the British researcher albert Mitchell-Hedges, is one of the most mysterious objects left behind from the Mayans. When investigating a mysterious artifact scientists have found that its age is from 5 to 35 thousand years. Skull weighing 5 kg were produced from a single piece of crystal, with its polishing also creates a lot of questions: marks macrocarpon on the surface and to process the material manually would be not less than 300 years of continuous operation. The eye sockets of the skull has built a system of lenses and prisms that cause unusual optical effects.

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