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Civilization with all the inconveniences

Цивилизация со всеми неудобствами

Than took during a pandemic the President, when not making another pointless bunker-speech?

Important and urgent challenges: preparing your oboler “in time of plague”, is holding a meeting on genetic technologies, “obcessive” with Sechin another aid for Rosneft. And Putin’s propagandists at this time continued again as if nothing had happened, put the old canned food.

This time recorded in a September interview in which Putin says that “Russia is a separate civilization.” And to preserve it we need to “make the emphasis on high technology and the future of their development,” artificial intelligence, unmanned technology, genetics, medicine, education, he says.

Vladimpeks, AXT, exit the bunker the same. You would have about “the need to dismount the economy from an oil needle” in 125th times would say.

You have space taxis clown Rogozin, nanotechnology “nags” Chubais, medicine to death was optimizirovan Golikova, along with education. At the head of the KLA is sitting Serdyukov-Taburetkin. The Ministry of Finance — accountant Siluanov, years brilliantly bringing in surplus budgets with rising costs for security forces and kukicha for science, education, medicine, and human capital.

You with his Nuker ukontrapupili RAS miracle”reform.” Half high-tech production took “rostec” Chemezov buddy who can’t produce even the ventilator, so they do not burn, not to mention the planes, so they fell. In the end the US are already preparing our new “lend-lease” IVL.


Or tragedy, or anecdotes — with Russian smartphone to Medvedev in a single copy or supply to schools obsolete, and even steal tablets with b/W screen.

The “brain drain” continues. Young scientists (and not only) are dreaming to leave Russia at the first minimum of the ability.

And among the recent high-profile technological “achievements” so far, except that muddy the allocation of Rosneft of the money to create the structure for a “supposed” daughter of Putin to some genetic studies. Space-comic “robot Fedor”. And stories Putin that Russia has the weapons, which no country in the world, as he stated in the same interview.

But even if we assume that this is not another “cartoons” from the Supreme commander. Our scientists and gunsmiths in spite of Putin’s managers did the same, “Wonderwall”, is unlikely to help during and after a pandemic Russians, which the state was again thrown. Even with the banal masks, not to mention the money.

What about super-rockets and artificial intelligence may be involved in such a situation? What kind of “separate civilization”? In a country where many people are not that separate housing, and its warm there is no toilet! In “rising from knees” still 30 million people use pit latrines and 45% of large families are not connected to centralized sewer. Russia takes 1st place by the share of population without access to toilets among developed countries.

That’s only in the rankings for level of life of Russian citizens is far from the first places, but rather in the “waterline”. Now by the throat. And with the leadership of “a separate civilization” is doomed only to fall even further into poverty. Ears. And in the war. To the elbow…


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