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Russians may be banned from buying EU real estate

The European Commission (EC) has proposed to stop property deals with Russian citizens, residents and entities, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing official documents. The measure is part of the EU’s sixth package of anti-Russia sanctions. It would reportedly prohibit the sale or transfer, directly or indirectly, of “ownership rights in …

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Russian Esports team banned over ‘Z’

Valve Corporation, the US based game developer and publisher,and owner of popular Steam-game distribution platform and Dota franchise, has disqualified a Russian Esports team from a regional Dota 2 tournament, after one of its players allegedly drew the symbol often associated with the Russian military action in Ukraine during one …

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Ukraine wants Russian climbers banned from Himalayas

A Nepalese tourism official said on Tuesday that his country won’t stop Russian climbers scaling the peaks of the Himalayas. Earlier, Ukraine had asked Nepal to ban Russian mountaineering teams from the country “until the end of the Russian invasion.” “There has been no change in our policy so far,” …

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Russians pranksters banned by YouTube after request from UK government

Notorious Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus, whose most recent high-profile targets were UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and Home Secretary Priti Patel, saw their channel removed by YouTube on Saturday. The duo shared, on social media, a message they had received from the US social media giant, citing unspecified violations of …

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Pro-Putin chess star banned

Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin has been hit with a six-month ban by the chess authorities after the 32-year-old issued support for Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. Karjakin, who was born in Crimea and changed his nationality from Ukrainian to Russian in 2009, will miss the forthcoming Candidates Tournament between June 16 and …

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Russians banned from ‘House of Democracy’

On Friday, the European Parliament (EP) formally banned Russian and Belarusian officials from entering its premises, vowing support for Ukraine instead. Neither nation is a member of the body, which acts as the legislature of the European Union (EU). “As of today, diplomatic and government staff of Russia and Belarus …

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Blind Russian athletes banned

Russian and Belarusian athletes have been banned from competitions by the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA), which announced a “very difficult and painful decision” on Wednesday. The IBSA confirmed the development through a statement on its official website written by president Sandro Di Girolamo. “With reference to the decisions issued by the …

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TV channel apologizes for airing banned zombie movie

The Strasbourg-based culture channel Arte has issued an apology after allegedly accidentally broadcasting an uncut version of the 1985 classic horror film ‘Day of the Dead’ by American film director George Romero. The iconic film about flesh-eating zombies turned out to be too graphic for the German officials’ taste and …

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No flag, no anthem: Why are Russian symbols banned from the Beijing Olympics?

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