Wednesday , November 25 2020
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In backing Biden, the leftist ‘resistance’ to Trump is perpetuating illegal US invasions & wars, & handing victory to the neocons

In a recent op-ed on RT, I outlined the puzzling and ironic configuration that is the anti-Trump ‘resistance.’ But I didn’t explore one important ‘interest group’ within a ‘deep state’ intent on destroying Trump’s presidency at all costs—namely, the neocon hawks of both major political parties and the military and …

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Erdogan’s quest for regional hegemony is destabilizing & backing Azerbaijan against Armenia is the latest example

The latest escalation of a territorial dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia is terrifying and worrying, do we need 2020 to get any worse? Military clashes commenced between the two countries in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, involving helicopters and artillery. Fighting has continued throughout Sunday night, and civilians are reportedly …

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Ridiculous death: in Kharkiv the driver was backing up and rolled over

The accident killed the driver, his wife-passenger were hospitalized. A fatal traffic accident happened yesterday, September 28, near the village of Donets, Kharkiv oblast. About it reported in sector of communications of the National police in the area. “According to preliminary information, the 75-year-old driver of the car “Slavuta”, passing …

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