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Liberalism is alive and well. A Russian liberal Vladimir Putin

“You need to have two peaceful transitions of power in a row” Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a statement that “the liberal idea has become outdated”, gave rise in the Russian intellectual environment of discussion. It lasts until now. Who is Vladimir Putin himself for their ideological views as liberalism …

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The territory of the living, but not alive

As for the Ferris wheel. New Russian disaster, and went old movie from the movie theater again. The same types. Muscovites bring flowers… the Murmansk bear flowers and toys. Very well our people succeed. Wearing flowers. To put wreaths. To honor the memory. To walk in the procession with photos …

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In Russia, the boy was burned alive for his family

Killed two adults and two children.A terrible tragedy took place in one of the regions of the Russian Federation. In Kranjska the edge of the little boy burned his entire family. “Previously, the child mental disorders. Today he ran into the house and splashed gasoline stove. Wooden building was instantly …

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Beautiful and ruthless trailer for “keeping you alive”

The American distributor IFC Midnight has rolled out the Red Band movie trailer What Keeps You Alive, telling about the unexpected difficulties of family life. Actually, the main difficulty lies in the fact that your spouse may be a bloodthirsty psychopath who likes to hunt people. Well, according to the …

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Scientists have figured out why there were all alive

A unique study. Scientists in Canada and the USA investigated was found in Canada, the instance of the fossilized remains of algae Bangiomorpha pubescens and determined its age. According to paleontologists, it could be 1.2 billion years. Researchers from Canada and the United States were studied instance of fossilized algae …

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Extinct animals that may be alive. Video

The video, which definitely will surprise you. However, according to another theory, the most ancient reptiles and prehistoric predators until recently lived together with people, and some several hundred years ago they were exterminated by man. What if they never died at all, and still have somewhere in the secret …

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