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The territory of the living, but not alive

Территория живущих, но не живых

As for the Ferris wheel. New Russian disaster, and went old movie from the movie theater again. The same types. Muscovites bring flowers… the Murmansk bear flowers and toys.

Very well our people succeed. Wearing flowers. To put wreaths. To honor the memory. To walk in the procession with photos of the dead. Stand with sad faces. Think, known about. Light a candle for the repose. To be baptized. Sympathize in networks. “Wet” “Kursk”, “dry” the plane, the bitter “Winter cherry” and so on, for twenty years of Putin’s potholes. Our people have mastered — to honor the memory of those who died in the result of the next “effective management.”

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Culture of the cemetery — this is the main folk culture of our country. All in some grateful memories of the dead and the sorrow of the innocent victims. Do not understand why.

Reviled flowers and out of the head. Next — life as a clean slate. No insights, no cause, no effect. Nothing interesting. Stood in the usual rut.

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The center of existence of our country — memorial. Something. It doesn’t matter.

The territory of the living, but not alive.

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