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There are no extra people

Не бывает лишних людей

In our country, the disabled and pensioners why it is considered a burden on the neck of the state. Meanwhile, in other countries, on the one disabled person an average of three social workers. The economy of these countries from such a load is not lame. Why is this happening?

This is what we asked the CEO of the company to create rehabilitation equipment Vasily Stepanov. (Company specializiruetsya in the production of lifts and standing frames for people with limited mobility and other rehabilitation equipment). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

V. S. let’s Start with the fact that in our country everyone is equal, no one is “offended”. Some pseudo-economists consider the social burden not only disabled, but absolutely everyone: pensioners, single mothers, large families, small businesses, workers, farmers… All of these groups need attention and long-term development programmes. And to do this want a little.

With 90 years, a whole generation of economists and leaders, for whom problems in the economy, there is simply superfluous people and superfluous territory. Now the influence of these people is still very high. The new Constitution added points about maintaining the integrity of the country and the indexation of pensions, and even rumor has it that this is the beginning of great change. But let’s wait and see.

Now let’s try to examine in practice how the money is spent, allocated by the state to the disabled person for the purchase of technical means of rehabilitation. Today, the average price of TSR about 100 thousand, be it an electric wheelchair, medical bed or hoist.

So, the FSS allocates money, conducts the auction, who, say, wins one of our dealers. Dealer gets about 25% of the cost. Of that money gets paid not only the head of the company, but approximately two dozen employees, including accountants, managers, programmers, drivers, guards, cleaners. Paid for rent of premises, utilities, purchased vehicles, refuels vehicles, as the equipment must be delivered to the needy patient.

As manufacturers, we buy drives in Denmark, in Russia of such high-tech products there, and in Europe they cost twice cheaper. That is the difference we feed the customs, or rather, the return of the money to the state budget with additional taxes.

Next, we paid a Metalworking plant, paying for parts that can’t produce themselves. The plant buys the metal, supporting the steel industry pays for electricity, keeping energy. Of course, with the revenue to pay VAT and other taxes. Paid logistics, purchased the machines, unfortunately, are imported, because the domestic machine tool industry in the past. Salaries are turners, millers, welders, laser scientists, painters, drivers, watchman.

In turn, all these people buy food, clothes, machines that fill, repair, pay insurance. Someone is paying a mortgage, someone builds a house, that is, again, there is absolutely natural and fair redistribution of funds.

And finally, is the company-manufacturer. Where we spend money? I have to say, we do not hoard because of inflation, do not trust banks, securities not understand, and the dollars and euros I don’t like is purely aesthetic. Spend on salaries and to development. I have an accountant – mother of three children, the driver and helper – the father of four children, a programmer and father of two children, one of whom is disabled. By the way, the child become disabled “helped” vaccination in the hospital. Oh and employs approximately a dozen people who have family.

I apologize for such a detailed excursion into the nature of cash flow. I brought all this to explain that the money allocated by the state, just do not dissolve completely, they are all uniformly up to a hundredth of a penny distributed to all sectors of the economy, giving life to people, giving the development of the country. Money, like energy, they don’t disappear unless stolen and not tucked into a large jug, in which they will lie dormant.

Perhaps that is why in European countries, a sick person has 3 social worker, each of whom receives a full salary, has his family, is a full member of society and the economy.

When money is in the hands of the people, then they work, create and benefit. Economic problems begin when many, many billions are concentrated in the same hands, who are physically unable to spend it. These billions are in the distant accounts and the commit status of any one owner. Well, or are in the pod state.

Of course, as a rainy day Fund is always needed, in case of war or some disaster. But in some cases, as probably happened in our country, the pod becomes a temptation. Someone benefits, that the cash reserves were lying, and applicants for them as much as possible, that is, just less people.

Once upon a time economists believed the increased demand for cotton, meat, cereal, set goals to increase production for the next five years. In my opinion, it was classical Economics. However, the last 30 years in the minds, something happened and began to consider differently. “Yes, all of us are fine with cotton, meat, cereals, medicines and financial support of all groups, just a lot of extra people.”

But how can people be too much? Because each person is, on the one hand – two hands, intelligence, creativity, labor, and on the other hand, is a consumer in need of someone produced. That is, each person is an additional element of the economy. And it is very important that the levers of power were made persons who understand that the superfluous does not happen.

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