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Simple ways to prevent daytime sleepiness

Простые способы предотвратить дневную сонливостьHow to overcome fatigue.

Agree, there are days when feeling overwhelmed and depressed, and tends to sleep like all night and danced at the disco. Fortunately, there are simple ways to prevent it.

How to avoid daytime sleepiness:

Ukladyvaetsya in the daily dose of sleep. A person needs to sleep about 7-8 hours, a deviation from the norm in any direction is fraught with negative consequences day.

Remove all that distracts you from sleep: smartphones, laptops, tablets. And Yes, the TV is also better to leave off.

Get up at a certain time. This means that you should establish your schedule and train yourself to fall asleep to Wake up around the same time.

Make diet is also very important for the “settings” mode.

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