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Psychologists suggested, how to manage stress

Психологи подсказали, как противостоять стрессуStress — the scourge of modern society.

Twenty years ago the pace of life was completely different. But in the XXI century woman has to be mobile, to simultaneously do many things. But the body is not always able to withstand the constant hurry, busyness. Due to the fact that you have to work on the limit, there are stresses. What to do to keeping up the pace of life to prevent them, reports the Chronicle of info with reference to neboley.com.ua.

You change your diet

In order to work effectively you need energy. Men get it primarily from food. The power employed person is a terrible mixture of fast food and caffeinated products. Fast food is harmful not only a high content of TRANS fats and carcinogens, but it leads to obesity and increases the risk of cancer. Change your diet in favor of fruits and vegetables as they are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. Drink plenty of plain water instead of tea and coffee. Very soon you will notice that energy and strength have increased.

Do not worry over trifles

The following recommendation is particularly relevant for women — easier to treat troubles in life. Not everything in life depends on You, so why once again experiencing that will increase You head or not, if the husband a good job. Just do well your duty, without worrying about the response behavior of other people. Everything will be as it should be and nothing else.

Sleep — the best assistant in the fight against stress

For protection from stress need to get some sleep. Sleep should be at least 6-7 hours a day. Sleepy people are more averse to any problem, sometimes a problem is difficult to call. A sleepy woman is still the woman who looks bad. And makeup can’t hide your fatigue, and an extinct look. If possible, you can sleep a day, for 15-30 minutes a dream of the same value as two hours a night.

Music from the nerves

A positive effect on mood and music. After a busy day, put a soothing melody, and your body will relax, and thoughts will gain serenity. Suggest music to listen to during your lunch break, if it is not possible to walk through the Park and enjoy nature and the birds singing.

Sport and fresh air

Exercise. Two hours of exercise per week not only retracted the body, but also purify the mind, will help you not to get upset over nothing. Spend more time outdoors. The lack of sunlight leads to lack of energy, decrease in mood and stress.

Hobby and no problems!

Find yourself a hobby. Most often a hobby associated with the work of his hands, and then with fine motor skills, which is useful not only in childhood but also in adulthood. In addition, involvement in an activity, helps you keep negative thoughts out of my head.

Meditation, yoga

The benefits of meditation have long been proven and recognized, even by scientists. During meditation, your mind settles down and comes into balance. Inside you appearing harmony and tranquility. The stress just has no chance if you are doing meditation.

Stress — the scourge of modern society, but following the simple guidelines it’s easy to avoid them and to improve the quality of life.

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