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Psychologists have named the main causes of male edit

With this problem faced by many couples. Unfortunately, no one is safe from infidelity. Whatever the woman, the man may like another. We decided to look at the most common causes of male infidelity. Reason # 1. The need for emotional intimacy, support Although men don’t need to listen to …

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Psychologists told how to survive new year’s depression

Not all happy holidays. New year celebration is not for everyone. In recent times, there are many people who refuse to celebrate it. Quietly to himself Among those who “banned” the holidays, a lot of introverts. They basically don’t like the noise, bustle and history with guests. In the family, …

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Psychologists: meditation make people selfish

British psychologists claim that the increasingly popular practice of mindfulness meditation makes people more selfish. According to experts, such people are more likely to focus on themselves, forgetting about the others. She believes that as a result of meditation, many people begin to over-analyze your own life, why be a …

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Psychologists told how to recognize a hypocritical person

This question will help smile. According to the results of studies conducted by scientists and published in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, women rather men can distinguish real smiles from the fake. Study author Donald Sacco, a psychology Professor from The University of Southern Mississippi, spoke about his interest in …

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Psychologists told why elderly couples often quarrel

Moreover, psychologists have managed to find solutions to this problem. It would seem that couples who have lived dozens of years, hand in hand, should be just perfect, but in reality not everyone can boast of good relations in old age. The idea is that at a certain stage after …

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