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Psychologists have named the main causes of male edit

Психологи назвали главные причины мужских изменWith this problem faced by many couples.

Unfortunately, no one is safe from infidelity. Whatever the woman, the man may like another.

We decided to look at the most common causes of male infidelity.

Reason # 1. The need for emotional intimacy, support

Although men don’t need to listen to them, periodically they need support. Only often when they come to your sweetheart then get morals. Therefore, they satisfy this need with other women, often sharing with them the bed.

Reason # 2. The lack of sex

It is important to always remember that sex is an integral part of any relationship. So if men don’t get it from the woman, we often “get” it on the side. Also, they often cheat when their sex life with a partner becomes boring and bland. Then men find another woman willing to experiment.

Reason # 3. Frequent quarrels

Frequent quarrels – is also a possible cause of male infidelity. Naterpevshis from the grumpy woman who often “makes the brain”, suddenly men can come across the exact opposite: soft and gentle girl. Well, how not to succumb to the temptation?

Reason # 4. The desire to assert themselves

Such a desire occurs mostly in complexed and insecure men. The possession of multiple women at the same time boosts their self-esteem.

Reason # 5. Understanding that it would forgive

Almost every man is afraid of change, or suffering terrible guilt after infidelity. But if a woman immediately forgives easily, or behaves so that they are ready to forgive anything, sex on the side cease to be something forbidden.

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