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Psychologists told why elderly couples often quarrel

Психологи рассказали, почему пожилые пары часто ссорятся Moreover, psychologists have managed to find solutions to this problem.

It would seem that couples who have lived dozens of years, hand in hand, should be just perfect, but in reality not everyone can boast of good relations in old age.

The idea is that at a certain stage after 25-35 wedding anniversaries, husband and wife should be relieved to exhale and enjoy each other to the end of life. Because children have long grown up and flew out from under the parental wing, working and contain themselves, build their own families and do not strain elderly parents with their concerns. But it was not there.

Psychologists have found that there are four of the most popular reasons why elderly couples often begin to fight:

Deteriorating every day health. Unfortunately, old age health always fails, someone less, someone more, but this fact often causes the elderly couple to become too irritated, judgmental, short-tempered. Of course, a quarrel will increase if each of the spouses will not take myself in hand and do not understand that the person has nothing to do with the fact that his health was deteriorating, so to pluck his anger makes no sense.

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A difficult financial situation. Typewriters for no money from anyone, and the younger grandchildren I want to spoil you with gifts, so there are scandals difficult financial position. This is why experts recommend to collect money during the whole life together, but if the couple is not done in a timely manner, then they should reconsider the costs and perhaps remove some of the rows in the list to save.

Past experience. The mistakes of the past, the scandals, the problems, and even infidelity can all emerge again, and the “covered wave” when the marriage lasted for more than 30 years. Psychologists advise to raise the exciting theme is not the first, but the last time, and then to forget about it, otherwise the couple will grow apart from each other and can no longer reconnect.

Change of social status. Retirement for most men is the cause of apathy and depression. Here really need the support of the wife. A man needs to show that his retirement, nothing has changed, but on the contrary – there sea free time on Hobbies such as fishing, garden/vegetable garden and other Hobbies. Women, incidentally, much easier to relate to the fact that their status in society changes and they become pensioners, although there are the same reactions as in men.

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Psychologists recommend older couples to act together, that is, to discuss any situation together and solve problems together. This will not be annoyed by trifles and do not move away from each other. It is still very important to forget about the troubles of the past, because they were left somewhere behind, and there is still a lot of interesting things can be expected of the spouses, if they are able to save your marriage and a warm and trusting relationship for the rest of their days.

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