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Psychologists have shared the principles of fair punishment of children

These rules will help to protect the child from harm.

How to turn punishment into a useful lesson, from which the child will benefit, and will not hold a grudge for life? Our 5 rules will help determine proper action.

The punishment should be fair

This means that the punishment should not depend on the mood mom or dad. And should not be a difference, if I yelled at you in the morning boss or you won the lottery, the punishment for the ” d ” in school — always the same. Punishment should not be at the mercy of your emotions, it primarily must match the act that made a child.

The punishment should be no insults

Positive punishment should always carry a respect for the child. A great phrase in the address your child will: “I beg you, go now to your room”. No harm will also say that you feel, for example: “I hate your act, but I love you and want you to become better and correct his behavior.”

If during an argument you humiliate the child, he ceases to understand what he is being punished. He appears hurt, and she did not give him to fix something for which you punished him.

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Punishment should not contain negative forecasts

Surely you have heard or maybe even said yourself this phrase: “If he conducts himself in three years, how it will be when you grow up” or “If you bring two, you arrive at the Institute you will.” Twirling yourself in this way you actually punish the child for what he did now, and for the forecast that you made. And the punishment should be fair.

The punishment should have a purpose

Before you punish the child, figure out what you plan to achieve. If you ask yourself this question, you will automatically analyze what your deeds and actions will lead to the desired goal. Because often the punishment is just an emotional outburst that does not constitute any action to eradicate the problem. And the task of mom is to help the child become better and fix the wrong things.

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The punishment should be no emotional and physical violence

If you apply certain sanctions to the child (for example, he can’t go to the event will be postponed buying a toy or it be restricted in computer games), it is not necessary to add more emotional coloring, continuing to talk for several days, he did the wrong thing. Permanent notation added to the constraints in the form of punishment, will lead all to the same offense, which will not allow the child to draw the correct conclusions.

The man was beaten as a child, is unlikely to grow thankful for it mom and dad. Besides, to build a trusting relationship with the child, to which parents use physical violence, it is hardly possible. It is likely that also affected his self-esteem. After all, when a child is beaten, he realizes that he is defenseless in this world, and there is always someone big and strong who will be hurt.

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