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The children from the orphanage near Novosibirsk admitted that fast

Social orphanage for children and adolescents in Chanovskiy district, Novosibirsk region reported poor nutrition. This was announced by public organization “Civil patrol” with reference to the students of the institution, reports RIA Novosti. So, the children complained of the “daily hunger” for at least the last year. In addition, according …

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Poor, poor children

Many Russians from the cradle accustomed to the fact that they have, there can be no prospects. And it’s not just the lack of money — learned helplessness inherited from parents. Every fourth child in Russia grows below the poverty line. This is only according to official statistics. In reality …

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Rosstat: 26% of children live below the poverty line

In Russia 26% of children under the age of 18 live in families with incomes below the subsistence minimum. It is reported by RBC with reference to the study of Rosstat “Socio-economic indicators of poverty.” Calculations made on the basis of the data for 2017. The proportion of children living …

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Unborn children – it’s just business

  The main task of the parasites of the World Government – the destruction of 90% of the population. Abortion is one of the most effective tools of genocide. And dead children come not only in cosmetics. Read to buy… Unborn children – it’s nothing personal, just business Author – …

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Where are the children of corrupt officials are billionaires ?

Wanting to legalize stolen Federal, municipal and departmental funds the corrupt, distant, countries do not know what would be a clever trick or a trick to figure out that they have not had complaints from the Prosecutor’s office and the investigative Committee, which they themselves rigidly in control.   “People …

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Experts have criticized Elena Malysheva in the program about the children-“nerds”

“Unacceptable, insulting vocabulary” Experts have criticized Elena Malysheva in the program about the children-“nerds” On “the First channel” held the program “Live healthy” Elena malyshevoy. One of those TV shows were children with endocrine diseases, which the presenter called “cretins” and “idiots”. This was brought to the attention of “”, …

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