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Experiments on children

Became aware of a shocking experiment on homeless children, which was conducted by authorities of West Berlin. Within 30(!) years they gave kids up for adoption pedophiles. The victims dared to speak after the death of the Professor of pedagogy of Helmut Kentler – author of the project. He believed …

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In Tajikistan banned to name children Russian names

In 2007, the then President said that the need to return to cultural roots and to use their national place names.   In Tajikistan put an end to name children names of Slavic origin, according to the official website of the Parliament of the state. Now birth certificates in the …

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Poison not a virus, but women and children

While everyone is thinking about how to face new challenges everyday reality, there are people who are unencumbered by intellect and sense of self-esteem who do not think, and act. Remember the slogan of the revolution: “do Not wait, and gear up.” He belonged to Maltsev and his movement, which …

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Russian children began to play coronavirus

A resident of Kaluga said witnessed new children’s role play — “the coronavirus”. Reports the publication of “Kaluga lens” published a column about the coronavirus, which refers to the cases of xenophobia because of the fear of the townspeople to become infected. In the comments to the post on …

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