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The government forces officials can’t manage the economy

There is another well-established myth that the government can manage the economy. That there might also be some other “better” officials, who suddenly start to act like entrepreneurs but will work for a salary, not taking bribes and not getting “kickbacks”. All management of the economy under Putin has been …

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How many Ukrainians will manage the construction of toll roads

The construction of the road “Kiev-White Church,” will cost $ 100 million.The highway “Kiev-White Church,” will cost $ 100 million subject to the appetites of officials. This opinion was expressed by the expert on transport Vyacheslav Konovalov. “Given the fact that to Vasilkov was already done, and given the appetites …

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Doctors told how to manage pain without drugs

Perfect day pain relief sweet and floral scentsVery often, the pain catches up with us in the most unexpected places, if pain is not at hand or you do not want to use them, then there are several psychological techniques that can reduce the pain. This was reported by the …

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Psychologists suggested, how to manage stress

Stress — the scourge of modern society. Twenty years ago the pace of life was completely different. But in the XXI century woman has to be mobile, to simultaneously do many things. But the body is not always able to withstand the constant hurry, busyness. Due to the fact that …

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