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Psychologists have explained, when the children to go outside alone

Психологи объяснили, когда можно детей отпускать на улицу однихExperts tried to solve the problem of young parents.
Before modern parents who raise their children in the “concrete jungle” of cities and simply cities will sooner or later face the dilemma: a child wants to go he can go out in the yard, and parents scared to let him go – what to do? This question is difficult and not equally suitable for all the response, however, to make a decision will help a few simple observations.

As a rule, already at the age of 5 years child is able to adequately assess the reality around him, adhering to the not your mother’s skirts, and their opinions. The age of 6 years legally marked as a period of limited spelconsoles – even the state allows such babies to independently carry out minor everyday transactions (e.g., buying candy at the store). And it is this age – 5-6 years urgently requires communication with peers, independent of leisure. Walking under her mother’s wing no longer satisfied with the child nor in duration, nor in substance.

Mom, in turn, also have something to dream about, and sitting on the bench (even with the phone and mobile Internet) any mom would prefer the implementation of their life plans and aspirations. But the modern city is unsafe: the house is surrounded by roads and highways, neighborhood territories slowly turning into unauthorized Parking, where not what riding a bike – even a ball to kick scary, you suddenly get into someone’s car. In addition to cars, dangerous factor are the people we all know less, and more afraid.

How do you determine what the child can let go of one in this big world, full of dangers and surprises?

First of all, give yourself the answer to the following questions:

Do you have a yard quite well in terms of swing-roundabouts, which would be a good view from your window?

Do you have friends grandma or mom walking in the yard with their children and are willing, if necessary, keep an eye out for your?

Whether directly before the court of a busy road (it happens)?

The answers to these questions speak primarily about whether you have the conditions for a happy childhood yard. Then look at your child. Readiness for independent walking is determined by a number of characteristics:

Your little one confident and willing to communicate with peers and not only. Can approach and start a dialogue, don’t hesitate to ask.

The child wants to play alone, without you. In the play, under your supervision, not turns, not looking for you, and if the depart – will not notice.

He knows safety rules. Ideally, learn them early, in three years, and to repeat that “bounced from the teeth”.

The child knows their full name, mothers name, father, occupation of parents, your exact address and coordinates of the grandparents (if you live in the same city)

A toddler is able to listen to you and fulfill requests. In particular, if you tell him not to leave the yard – you need to be sure that for any price he will not go there.

Thus, the child possesses all these skills, so he mentally prepared for independence. All this occurs in different age, someone 5, someone 10 loves to sit on the bench with mom and peacefully to talk about the school routine. It is important that the mother should be calm for your child, in her life should not be insoluble dilemmas.

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