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Psychologists have described why you are so bad people

Психологи рассказали, почему к вам так плохо относятся людиScientists were able to tell about the unusual phenomenon of human relations.

You consider yourself a good person because you like to please people, you don’t Harbor them no ill will for bad behavior, and only when you share with them their wealth, you feel that your worth in this world. However why others do not appreciate this attitude toward them and begin to behave worse? This article discusses the causes of this phenomenon – and how to deal with it and do decide you have after reading.

Unfortunately, people mostly don’t appreciate a good, comfortable people and not preminum opportunity to use them while you can.

1. You forgive immediately

When you feel that you disrespected me, you automatically forgive a person and start coming up with excuses for him. Or you can start to convince him that their actions are bad. Instead, you should stand up for themselves, and not to teach adults, Mature personalities “rules of good conduct”.

2. The relationship is more important to you than to maintain a sense of self-esteem

Of course, wanting love and relationships typical for many people, however, you should not be allowed to have these relationships cost you self-esteem. You can’t be with people who you do not appreciate and do not respect.

3. You do not want to offend

You strive to never offend anyone, even if surrounding themselves cause you pain. You are very careful and always pretend that everything is well. However, if people act like they don’t care what happens to you, so they really don’t care.

4. You need to be evaluated others

From childhood, you seek the praise of others. You people need to be constantly confirmed that you’re a good man, because you praise yourself you are capable of.

5. You attract selfish people and energy vampires

Since you are not opposed to used around you, you constantly attract people who are beginning to do it, as people feel victims. However, the fact that people you use, does not make you automatically a respected person in society – rather the opposite.

6. You don’t build borders

For some reason you do not build boundaries with others. You may want to do is close a nice person or are afraid of scandals and complications. Or you just don’t know how to build boundaries in a healthy, normal relationship.

7. Are you afraid to be alone

Do you think that in the world there is no worse punishment than to be left alone, so you cling to any relationship – even those in which you ride roughshod over.

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