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Named products, can provoke insomnia

Названы продукты, способные провоцировать бессонницуAn extensive dinner or excessive consumption of black tea can cause insomnia.

Not only caffeinated beverages can cause restless sleep or even complete lack thereof, but it is “safe” foods that we did not hesitate to eat late in the evening. This was told by the doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

Most people know: a hearty dinner or excessive consumption of black tea (which contains caffeine not less than in coffee) can cause insomnia. But even non-greasy and not heavy on the stomach foods can prevent you safely and on time to sleep.

“These include foods with saturated fatty acids. They overtax the liver, stomach and pancreas, causing the internal organs to work at full for a long time to digest and can start to literally “rot” in the stomach, if you do not have time to digest before we fall asleep. To those, in particular red meat, or any sausage or meat products from it. Also not recommended to eat before bed fatty yellow cheese and sweet dairy products with high fat content. Advice is to drink the yogurt instead of a later meal is justified only in the case that the fat content of the product will not exceed 4%.

Also affect the quality of sleep foods that contain termin. This substance promotes the release of adrenaline, and he, in turn, prevents to relax and sleep well. Because products such as hard cheeses, bananas, soy sauce, pickled and smoked fish should be excluded for several hours before bedtime” – said the expert.

And, of course, you should not just before bedtime consume alcohol. “Intoxicating” drinks really help you fall asleep faster. But it often happens that a healthy sleep is not, the person sleeps sensitively and restlessly, or else (if it was drunk a lot) is simply “chopped off”. Under the influence of alcohol shortens the cycle of REM sleep, during which the man dream, and without this phase, the body simply can’t recover.

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