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Named products, can provoke insomnia

An extensive dinner or excessive consumption of black tea can cause insomnia.Not only caffeinated beverages can cause restless sleep or even complete lack thereof, but it is “safe” foods that we did not hesitate to eat late in the evening. This was told by the doctor Victoria Savitskaya. Most people …

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This popular product can provoke diabetes

Another good reason to avoid potatoes. A group of scientists from the Japanese Centre for the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases in the city of Osaka after studies have concluded that potato dishes, with their frequent eating, can cause diabetes of the second type. Detailed results of the study …

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Products that provoke hunger

There are products that, by contrast, saturate minimal, but provoke even stronger feelings of hunger after 20-30 minutes. It turns out that some of the foods that we eat to satisfy hunger, work exactly the opposite. The fact that this snack only “inflates appetite.” So, if you don’t want to …

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