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This popular product can provoke diabetes

Этот популярный продукт может спровоцировать диабетAnother good reason to avoid potatoes.

A group of scientists from the Japanese Centre for the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases in the city of Osaka after studies have concluded that potato dishes, with their frequent eating, can cause diabetes of the second type.

Detailed results of the study published in “Diabetes Care”.

Isao Muraki, MD, claims that the potatoes included in the list of products that are in frequent use can be harmful to health. After analyzing tens of thousands of data, it was concluded that frequent consumption of potatoes can lead to type II diabetes.

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In the course of research, researchers conducted an analysis of the way of life of the patients who have recently been diagnosed with the disease. In the end it turned out that the disease is most often found in people who prefer potatoes in your daily diet. No matter what it is used potatoes – mashed, fries, etc.

To the category of harmful products, the potatoes were carried in connection with the contents of a large amount of starch. It is noted that the tasty tuber contains very few minerals, vitamins and fibers. Quite a number of carbohydrates is the cause of the increased risk of developing diabetes. In addition, the study revealed that the starch in a hot potato is absorbed in the body much faster. As everyone knows, French fries eat it hot.

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Statistics have shown that people who during the week eating 7 servings of potatoes, 33% increase the risk of developing diabetes compared to those who during the week is eating one portion of potatoes. Doctors advise daily use of this product, replacing it with whole grains. This approach will allow for a 12% reduction in risk of developing the disease.

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