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Products that provoke hunger

Продукты, которые провоцируют голодThere are products that, by contrast, saturate minimal, but provoke even stronger feelings of hunger after 20-30 minutes.

It turns out that some of the foods that we eat to satisfy hunger, work exactly the opposite.

The fact that this snack only “inflates appetite.”

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So, if you don’t want to overeat, you should avoid the following products.

Chips, crackers and bread
Refined carbohydrates dramatically raise blood sugar levels, so then allocate a large amount of insulin. Insulin takes the energy on the so-called “storage”, hence the person continues to feel hungry. That is why, for example, at restaurants put on the tables and free bread, and in bars – snacks.

Food calms areas of the brain (thalamus and hypothalamus), which controls the process of eating. But consuming sweets, these areas remain active. The brain then sends signals that the stomach is empty and needs food.

Products with low fat content
During chewing, the stomach starts to work harder and secreted digestive juices. So when you consume obezzonen food, the stomach digests quickly consumed and requires more.

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