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Men after 50 should eat these foods

Мужчинам после 50 необходимо чаще есть эти продуктыThey must be in the diet.

The answer to the question “how to stay healthy and keep doctor visits to a minimum” for Mature men there — in the kitchen. Choosing the right products can significantly improve health and to continue to do what you love instead of suffering from ailments, many of which are also very deadly.

Here are the top 7 products that should be in the diet of every man over the age of 50.

1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are able to reconcile any, even with a vegetarian diet, as they give the dish a more “dense” and even “meat” taste. At the same calories in them at least, but a lot of potassium, which is useful in the second half of life, and reduces blood pressure. Mushrooms can be added to salads, make soups with it and even fry them.

2. Cherry

Cherry — a great anti-inflammatory. So great that many professional athletes drink cherry juice at a time when they are particularly intense. Cherries are also helpful to those who is engaged in physical labor, as it accelerates muscle recovery, reduces stress and eases pain. Helps cherries and osteoarthritis and gout — reducing pain.

Scientists believe that the responsibility for the quality of cherries are the plant pigments anthocyanins, of which the cherry is full. According to the results of several studies, the positive effect of cherries is observed when eating just 10 berries of medium size per day. The season for cherries, when it is most beneficial from April to August. In the rest of the year is useful to drink cherry juice.

3. Eggs

To the extent that, as men age, their muscle mass decreases — then come to the aid of eggs, which is a magical source of protein. Besides, eggs contain lutein which reduces the risk of macular degeneration — an irreversible process in the retina leading to complete blindness In the academic world there is no unequivocal opinion on the usefulness of the eggs, but now most of the doctors still inclined to think that eggs are more beneficial than harmful and they contain cholesterol is not as dangerous as previously thought.

There can be for Breakfast, lunch and dinner and to prepare any convenient way.

4. Berries “-Nicky”

Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and other “nicknames” reduce the risk of developing cancer mostly due to the fact that suppress

emerging inflammatory processes. And absorb them easily — can be added to salads or yogurt, and you can eat just a handful.

5. Yogurt

Intestinal microflora lately is under the scrutiny of scientists — many of us realized that her health is key to health in General, mainly because it is from a good digestion depends strongly on the immune system. And found that yogurt in this sense is one of the most healthy dairy products, as it contains prebio-Tiki and probiotics positively influencing the intestinal microflora. Additionally, yogurt reduces the level of sugar in the blood, and the most recent studies say it — again! — inhibits inflammatory processes. However, while tests carried out only on mice.

Doctors recommend to drink at least a Cup of yogurt a day. It can also be used instead of milk, for example, cereals — you will get an exceptionally healthy Breakfast!

6. Avocado

Avocado contains a loading dose Monona-saturated fats, which are heart-healthy because they help to keep a tight leash on cholesterol levels. Although the average fruit contains 230 calories, they also have 10 grams of fiber and 20 grams of good fats is a lot. Constant absorption of avocado has also been associated with more rapid weight loss and reduce inflammation.

Avocado can be added to salads, put on sandwiches, used in the preparation of meat dishes.

7. Beans

Beans are known as hunters of “bad” cholesterol, and therefore reduce the risk of heart attack and the occurrence of other heart disease. In addition, beans are beneficial to those suffering from diabetes or are in prediabetes condition.

Cup of cooked beans contains approximately 225 calories, 15 grams protein, 13 grams of fiber and total grams of fat. Which makes them just the perfect addition to any main dish.

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