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It became known, what a terrible disease appears in people who eat fast

Стало известно, какая страшная болезнь появляется у людей, которые быстро едятAs it turned out, the ability to eat is not positive.

Eating slowly is beneficial not only for the figure — it is proven that the slower we eat food, the more satisfied – but for the health.

Those who eat the food too fast, two times more likely to develop prediabetes and then diabetes, according to a new study by Japanese scientists.

According to one version, the reason for this is that people who eat too fast, rapidly increasing the level of blood glucose soon after a meal.

The increase of risk not seen in people with other improper eating habits, including snacking and lovers of night raids on the fridge.

Doctors believe that the world is much more available than pleasant to consider: many impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), when the level of glucose in the blood is higher than normal but not high enough to cause diabetes.

This condition may progress and develop into diabetes of type 2, if preventive measures are not taken.

According to scientists, the majority of these people — from 40 to 50 percent of diabetes type 2 diabetes will develop within ten years.

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