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Identified three important health facts about fruits

Названы три важных для здоровья факта о фруктах The fact that the fruit is solid use, does not require proof.

The fruit is strength, health, beauty, and strengthening the immune system and barrier for many diseases.

Fruits are better to eat in the morning

In the morning our body requires large amounts of energy to clean and run the metabolism. And fruit, unlike other products, most digested and absorbed by our body. They contain fructose, which is easily destroyed and used by the body for energy to start all metabolic processes.

Eat fruit only on an empty stomach

Nutritionists advise to eat a fruit 2-3 hours after a meal, if you want to eat an Apple or a banana right before and right after eating, then be prepared to face heartburn, bloating and discomfort of acidity.

This is because the enzymes needed to digest fruits, very different from the enzymes required for the digestion of the rest of the food.

Fresh fruits are the most useful

Any form of heat treatment fruit deprives them of a certain amount of nutrients. That is why you should minimize the intake of packaged juices, candies, jams, compotes, they aren’t much use, but sugar and calorie — sufficient.

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