Tuesday , September 29 2020
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The F-35 made in the USA, identified 873 defect

Country which is armed with encountered numerous flaws in the multi-purpose fighter-bombers F-35, writes the German aviation publication Flug Revue. Today, this combat aircraft is in service with the US air force, Japan, UK, Israel, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and other countries. Robert Beler, Director of testing and technical assessment in …

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In Russia identified 11 new cases of infection with coronavirus

In Russia identified 11 new cases of infection with coronavirus, reports RIA “Novosti”. According to the operational headquarters, the total number of infected per day increased from 34 to 45. Five new cases of infection with coronavirus recorded in Moscow, three in St. Petersburg. One in the Leningrad region, Moscow …

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At the Vostochny space centre identified a new theft

The investigative Committee opened two new criminal cases about swindle in especially large size in the construction of Vostochny cosmodrome. About this newspaper “Kommersant”. We are talking about the theft of more than 250 million rubles in the construction of the launch complex for the rocket “Angara”. This project is …

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Identified the regions with the highest unemployment rate

The unemployment rate in Russia (the ratio of unemployed persons to the labour force) in September 2019 was 4.5% for the population aged 15-72 years. Such data today leads the Federal state statistics service. While Rosstat has introduced a quarterly “picture” of unemployment by subjects of the Russian Federation, and …

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Identified root cause of premature death

They also made allowances for the age for people 35 to 84 years. American scientists from northwestern University have concluded that only the United States, a huge number of people suffering from heart failure. This disease is most of them develops on the background of obesity and diabetes. As a …

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