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Hidden lung cancer symptoms that should alert you

Скрытые симптомы рака легких, которые должны вас насторожитьTo identify lung cancer at an early stage is capable of only an experienced oncologist.

Any cancer should be diagnosed and treated under medical supervision. The delay in this case or to self-medicate is dangerous for life.

Lung cancer is one of the worst cancer, and all because his symptoms were quite implicit because of the lack in the lungs pain nerve endings. This is why the patient may simply not pay attention to what was happening to him.

In turn, the doctors remind everyone that a timely appeal to the specialist and emergency treatment lung cancer gives a chance to the patient for speedy recovery.

These lung cancer symptoms should alert you and make immediately an appointment to see the oncologist and get tested:

1. Drowsiness and fatiguethat have plagued man even after he slept or rested.

2. Shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat, and shortness of breath. These signs of lung cancer often written off isni weight or just tired.

3. Poor appetite and gradual weight loss, which people are not even sought.

4. Bad breath can also indicate the development of a malignant tumor in the lungs.

Usually, doctors treat patients at stage 2-4 lung cancer, because the first stage is often asymptomatic, but later – begin to show more typical symptoms: hemoptysis, sputum with bloody streaks, which doctors call “rusty”, pain in the chest localized on the side where the tumor grows.

In 10% of patients with lung cancer go to the doctor already at stage 4 when take place to be metastases and the disease is virtually untreatable.

There are those who deliberately refuses treatment of lung cancer and these cases end with death, but someone dying in a year after setting a terrible diagnosis, and someone who lives another 5 years, but no more.

The only measure of timely detection of malignant tumors in the lung is a fluoroscopy. Doctors insist on passing 1 every two years, but if the person smokes, abuses alcohol, lives in a polluted place and leads to a whole wrong way of life, then you should do x-rays once a year.

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