Sunday , May 31 2020
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Google has added to Android’s hidden feature

Google has added hidden option in all Android smartphones. One of the most rich and famous worldwide corporations is Google that does everything for the sake of its proprietary software became more popular and in demand. For the thousands of developers constantly improve and implement new features.. Today, March 30, …

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The secrets hidden in the Vatican archives. Photo

The Vatican hides many dark secrets. The secret archives of the Vatican for centuries is the source of myths and legends. In the secret archive of the Vatican, which since the late nineteenth century gradually declassified is a huge collection of priceless manuscripts is evidence of the power of the …

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Microsoft has hidden hacker attack

Four years ago hackers broke into the database of Microsoft, which kept the information about the vulnerability programs of the company.Former employees told the publication that the hackers broke into a database that contained information about the vulnerabilities of the company’s products. A sophisticated group of hackers have penetrated into …

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