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Healthy drink, which will be able to defeat your thirst

Полезный напиток, который сумеет победить вашу жаждуNow summer you will be uneasy.

It and quench the thirst and fills the body with energy. Lemonade can be done at home yourself.

1 large lemon;
2 large oranges;
3-4 sprigs of mint;
cherry syrup;
1 liter of sparkling water;
cherries or cherry;
ice cubes.

Recipe lemonade with cherries:

Well wash the lemon and oranges. Half of orange and quarter of a lemon cut into slices.

Squeeze the remaining citrus juice.

Pour in a pitcher of juice and 100 ml of cherry syrup, add slices of lemon and orange. Syrup you can substitute regular jam.

Knead in the palms of mint leaves. Add the mint into the juice and syrup.

Put in a jar halved cherries or cherry.

Add ice. The cubes should fill half of the pitcher.

The other half fill with soda water.

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