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New poster for “Thirst of death”

Missed die hard? In November the world premiere of the Thriller “death wish”, for which old Bruce Willis once again rubbed to a Shine his bald head and took the trunks. The film is a remake of the eponymous 1974 film with Charles Bronson in the lead role. In turn, …

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Healthy drink, which will be able to defeat your thirst

Now summer you will be uneasy. It and quench the thirst and fills the body with energy. Lemonade can be done at home yourself. Ingredients:1 large lemon;2 large oranges;3-4 sprigs of mint;cherry syrup;1 liter of sparkling water;cherries or cherry;ice cubes. Recipe lemonade with cherries: Well wash the lemon and oranges. …

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These drinks will help to quench your thirst

The actual problem in the summer. Experts from all over the world arguing how best to quench your thirst in the heat, and often come to the conclusion that this task can handle only cold water. Actually, that’s not entirely true. Over the years of civilization, people have invented many …

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The use of these products causes thirst

Italian nutritionists have made a list of foods that cause intense thirst. Experts recommend to exclude the products from your summer diet. So, the fifth place goes to sweet, fizzy drinks. Fizzy drinks and fruit juices, and lemon juice with the sugar sends the brain the signal that you are …

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These products can cause severe thirst

Bad ways to quench your thirst. When we feel thirst, trying to quench it with any liquids. Experts in the field of healthy nutrition from Italy told about what drinks and meals to this is absolutely not suitable. Caffeine. Coffee and other drinks containing caffeine are diuretics. In other words, …

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What drinks should not quench your thirst

Summer is not just ice cream, the sea and vacation. It is also a strong thirst. Due too hot air, our body loses a lot of liquid. To compensate for this loss, it is necessary to drink adequate amount of water. What you cannot quench your thirst?In the list of …

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