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Doctors told which method of cooking seriously harm the body

Медики рассказали, какой способ приготовления пищи серьезно вредит организмуExperts do not recommend to use this method.

Researchers from Dubai, experiments were conducted that showed that the popular cooking technique – cooking in aluminum foil – due to extremely hazardous effects to the body. Scientists said that the metal may go into food.

The staff of the American University in Sharjah was prepared in the course of the project different types of meat in conjunction with traditional cooking ingredients like salt, vegetables, water. However, they used different temperature regimes, but also changed the time taken for cooking.

In the result, researchers found that using aluminum foil might be the reason that the body gets too much metal.

“Food cooked in foil, it can contain six times more from the daily allowable consumption of metal,” – said the authors of the study.

In addition, the experiments showed that the addition of spices increased the absorption of aluminium of preparing meat. According to experts, during their experiments the food is cooked in an acidic liquid solution (lemon juice and tomato sauce), was more saturated with aluminum.

Note that the high consumption of this metal science associated with the development of kidney and bone, as well as with Alzheimer’s disease. A safe level is 40 mg per day.

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