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Supermarkets limit cooking oil purchases due to Ukraine crisis

Major British supermarket chains have limited how much cooking oil customers can purchase, a move attributable to shortages and subsequent changes in consumption patterns resulting from the conflict in Ukraine. According to the UK food regulator, the former Soviet republic is responsible for a “significant proportion” of UK sunflower oil …

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Villeroy&Boch Clever Cooking – оригинальный стиль и универсальность

Villeroy&Boch Clever Cooking – оригинальный стиль и универсальность Для тех, кто любит готовить изысканные блюда и часто устраивает семейные посиделки, компания Villeroy & Boch предлагает коллекцию посуды Clever Cooking. Это разнообразие форм для сервировки стола, приготовления, хранения и разогрева блюд в микроволновой печи. Наличие керамических крышек для каждой емкости позволяет …

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Cooking on a gas stove poisons the body – scientists

Experts recommend the use of hood or replace the electric stove on. Norwegian scientists were able to prove that cooking on a gas stove can cause poisoning of the body due to toxic substances. They are produced from fossil fuels and are deposited in food and the air. Experiments on-site …

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Cooking failures that cheer every hostess

Failures happen. Even professional chefs sometimes there are failures and setbacks. Judging by myself, the taste will spoil some spice, the appearance of their unappetizing meals. Therefore, well imagine how difficult it is to prepare those people who are doing it for the first time. Now let’s look at an …

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The invention that makes cooking fun. Photo

Useful accessories for the kitchen. What the hostess wants to make the cooking process maximum easy and pleasant. In fact, it can be done without any problems, if you have in the kitchen right items. The survey collected the coolest thing that appeared on the market of kitchen items lately. …

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These products are dangerous to wash before cooking

Some products are better not to wash Scientists claim that the chicken, meat, eggs, and mushrooms are not washed before cooking, as this leads to the spread of bacteria and a number of other negative consequences. Chicken Raw chicken contains harmful bacteria, particularly Campylobacter and Salmonella are the two main …

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In the United States banned the use of love in cooking

Now products must not contain love in them. The office for quality control of food and drug administration issued a warning letter to the company Nashoba Brook Bakery about the ingredient “love” described in the composition of their cereals. The report said that this component in the product can not …

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Experts told what not to do while cooking mushrooms

Professionals have given effective tips. About mushrooms people knew already in the distant past. In the IV century BC, the Greek scholar Theophrastus mentioned in his writings about truffles, morels, mushrooms. After 5 centuries, the Roman naturalist Pliny also wrote about mushrooms. He first tried to divide the mushrooms into …

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