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Cooking on a gas stove poisons the body – scientists

Готовка на газовой плите отравляет организм, - ученые Experts recommend the use of hood or replace the electric stove on.

Norwegian scientists were able to prove that cooking on a gas stove can cause poisoning of the body due to toxic substances. They are produced from fossil fuels and are deposited in food and the air.

Experiments on-site restaurants showed that the composition of the substances in the smoke when frying the steak was 10 times more than after cooking on an electric analogue. Gas is a dangerous substance, forming the decay products, and the fire can lead to burning products and the emergence of carcinogens.

In particular, the problem points logged during roasting meat. Experts note that this may cause the deterioration of your health. Experts recommend to use a hood to reduce the number of dangerous compounds.

Thus it will be possible to protect the body from cancer, but still recommended for cooking different technique, replacing my stove.

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