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Discovered a method of recovery of the retinal cells

Scientists have found that mammals, too, there is a natural mechanism of regeneration. American researchers have found that prevents to recover the retina. The regeneration of the inner lining of the eye in humans and mammals, prevents a natural mechanism, do not give rise to living tissue. The researchers changed …

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Doctors have proposed a new method of cancer treatment

Researchers from Women’s hospital Brigham (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) has proposed an unusual method of cancer treatment in which the killers of tumor cells are cancer cells themselves. Such therapy, according to data presented by scientists, is possible if to use the technique of genetic “editing”. In the journal Science …

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Presents a new method of dealing with insomnia

The American Bose company introduced wireless headphones SleepBuds developed to combat insomnia.According to developers, these “plugs” can work offline up to 16 hours. They connect to smartphone via the app, which also has an alarm clock and a collection of relaxing melodies. It is reported that the headphones are very …

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A new method of producing stem cells

German scientists have made stem cells more available. In recent years, scientists attach great importance to the possibility of using mesenchymal stem cells in medicine. It is mainly about diseases that manifest immediately after birth. With mesenchymal stem cells associated with these diseases, they are a means of therapy. Researchers …

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Drivers warned about a new method of auto theft

Motorists need to be careful. Car thieves have developed a new way to steal cars, which is based on the fact, to lure the driver out of the car. “Bait” for the driver is an ordinary plastic bottle. The thief secures the bottle between the wheel arch and the tyre, …

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