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Scientists have discovered a unique method to search for dark matter

Ученые обнаружили уникальный метод поиска темной материиScientists did some research with the space telescope “Hubble”.

Researchers analyzed the glow between galaxies and discovered a new way to detect dark matter.

Researchers believe that the faint glow between galaxies – intracluster light, can indicate the presence of dark matter. Experts suggest that dark matter is present in most galaxies, however, it is difficult to detect and study.

Dark matter affects the speed of motion. When one galaxy absorbs another, it breaks apart and scatters the stars in space. It affected the absorption of intra-cluster stars emit light. Residual radiance indirectly indicates the presence of dark matter, experts say.

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Scientists did some research with the space telescope “Hubble” and found that the distribution of illumination corresponds to the mass distribution of dark matter. Experts hope to improve the technology and soon discover new properties of dark matter and other unidentified particles.

August 12, NASA launched a research ship to the Sun. To study the solar corona probe, Solar Probe ragtag let her in the door at a distance of only 6.2 approach him closer than any other manmade object.

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