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In Kiev, near the metro entrance explosion

One person was injured during the explosion of an unknown object near the entrance to the metro station Shulyavska. In Kiev, near the metro station shuliavska on Friday evening, July 17, occurred the explosion of an unknown object, man. This reports the press service of the police of Kiev. “Today …

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Even the bosses have a maturing sense of impasse and understanding that using a cheat it doesn’t get

Elitka – a thing is not monolithic. And there is also a lot of different points of view, although the propaganda veil that focus on the most simple of citizens, it is not noticeable. Here is a recent example – a short interview with media BA-a-alshich stars: . He …

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It’s amazing what the centaurs walking around

I knew a man who voted for Putin, had on the car sticker “I can repeat” and loved to sing to the guitar Patriotic songs about Givi and Motorola. The main hobby this gentleman has been a regular visits to fetish clubs of Amsterdam and Berlin, visitors copulate which, dressed …

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Vote do not vote still goes to Putin

  Summer of protest hysteria in full swing, all waiting for something and rubbing their hands against the background of rallies in Khabarovsk. All (though who did?) expect that little bit more and explode, “Putin’s regime” will collapse and there will come or at least manifest the contours of the …

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Change at what cost?

The tale of the honest banker and other fighters for people’s happiness The current election campaign in Belarus showed once again that opponents of the existing government will stop at nothing to under the pretext to undermine the political situation in the country. Under the guise of democratic slogans, fighters …

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