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Vote do not vote still goes to Putin

Голосуй, не голосуй — всё равно выходит Путин


Summer of protest hysteria in full swing, all waiting for something and rubbing their hands against the background of rallies in Khabarovsk. All (though who did?) expect that little bit more and explode, “Putin’s regime” will collapse and there will come or at least manifest the contours of the new Russia, Russia of the future, where there will be a complete idyll and full Chocolat, which will be fair courts and good police, where the word “bribe” officials will swoon and travel by public transport or by Bicycle, and the high offices they will sit the best officials – representatives of the current opposition.

In General, Russia will be where our couch liberals who know how to properly, slide dented by years of sofas and distribute Hokuriku people on a one-time 30000 each, thereby increasing the effective demand that will launch our economy and the list goes on. Just remember to remove the noodles…

Well, there are idiots who believe in it, there are idiots who do not feed bread, but give only the information dermopatico to dig deeper and kick the President. But good? If you do this easier and the pressure is removed, continue to suffer further.

What the fuck do you have against Putin? What can You offer the country in this situation in addition to their own screams and ulianich pimples on my ass?

Anywhere Putin will not leave until I see fit. And will he be able to leave even if they want to? It’s like that jump to the driver with speeding trains because passengers are not serving tea. Him at least until 2024 you need to fulfill their responsibilities and may God grant him health and strength.


The situation really sucks, and I myself do not like much, but I am against revolutions and Maidan, I don’t want to live in an era of change, I do not want the country was bursting at the seams and fell apart. Do you want to?

Unfortunately, constitutional amendments are unable to unite the nation, could not and will not be able to solve many of our problems, but solved a major problem for the authorities and Putin personally. I do not care how long he will be deadlines, I thing that the transit authority has passed without upheavals, and soon we will obviously see. Who will be the successor? I think it knows a limited number of people. It is obvious we will appoint and will offer to vote for him. We can think of, though the heart, though his head, though like anything, but now in fact Russia is an Empire, and Putin is the Emperor, which will determine us to his successor.

Russia is too big to keep in her fist very hard. If you start to play in the restructuring and democracy, the country will burst at the seams, like the Soviet Union. We have already seen the readiness of the parade of sovereignties multiplied by the multi-billion dollar state of local warlords. Will start to put pressure on the national peculiarities of the regions, to develop the titular nation, to play on the national question, to tell, as they devour the Moscow Kremlin. What we will achieve? Civil war? Who can hold it all? Our liberals sofa? Yes, like Nehru, their first sweep while they sit in FB.

So I’m for Putin and the longer it will be at the helm, the more likely that we will emerge from the current situation with minimal losses. He can like or not like it, but it is our reality and not the worst. He understands how to keep this pack of dogs and still holds. The situation is bad, but recipes no one.

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